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619-801-8144 called me a bunch of times today on my home phone.  I was actually home for the last attempt.

The person who was on the other end had a heavy Indian accent and identified herself as Erica.  I was informed that I had won $100 from my credit card company.  All I needed to do was verify the mailing address for my card ending in ####.

That’s it, I said.  No way.

Yep, my card company had contracted her company, RoboMarketing, to distribute $100 rewards across the nation.  I, having spent so much with that card, was one of the lucky winners.

I asked her which card company she was working on behalf of; so I could send them a thank-you note later, of course.  She couldn’t say, other than RoboMarketing was helping.  She moved quickly on to verifying my address.

I asked what the $100 was good for.  Gas, she said.  Gas where?  At a participating gas station.  Well, which stations participate?  Participating ones in my area.

Not believing my luck, I asked for a callback number in case we got disconnected.  800-316-9561, she said.  Where’s that located?  Clearwater, FL, obviously (619 area code is in San Diego, by the way).

Back to participating gas stations though.  Who participates?  Gas stations.  Yeah, which ones?  I’d hate to have my credit card company waste money on postage only to find out there’s no participating station near me.  Save the stamp then.

“Sir, COL? participates.  You know, COL?”.  Nope, I don’t.

Click.  She hung up.

Be warned!  Caller ID for this number shows it as “ID THEFT”.

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