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Absent president

July 31st, 2003 No comments

I read earlier that President Bush is going to be out of Washington for most of the month of August. It seems that he is terming this a “working vacation” (an oxymoronic phrase only GW would use) and most of his time is being spent fundraising. Now, I remember talking about this issue when Gore was the VP and began fundraising, but this time it’s a sitting President who is taking off.

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New format

July 30th, 2003 No comments

How do you like the way this looks? What should I change? Should I go back to the old way? (not a chance 😛 ) Leave some comments.

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Wasting gas running people over

July 29th, 2003 No comments

Now that I’ve been working at SCJ for over two months, I’ve gotten quite accustomed to the drive there. It’s basically two straight-shots to get there: I-94 South to Hwy 20, then East on 20 until you run into the place.

Driving on the Interstate is no big deal, despite the usual slow driver in the left lane. Once I hit Hwy 20, it’s a different story. Racine has yet to figure out how to time lights, and that is a problem. I have to travel about 10 miles on that highway to get to work, and when there are stoplights every 100 feet, that can be a lot of start-stop driving. Out of the 15 lights or so lights on the way there, I’m sure I hit reds at at least 10 of them. Some lights are literally a couple hundred feet from each other and you end up stopping at both. If one of the three intelligent people still living in Racine were to use his (yeah, his) head, maybe he would realize the lights should be timed. I’m sure traffic would be no more congested if the lights weret to run 30 seconds longer in the heavier-traveled direction.

Every single one of those lights in Racine has a cross-walk attached to it, but I have yet to see one be used. That certainly is not to say no one walks in Racine, but more to say that people do not get the idea of walk lights, pedestrian crossings and common sense. I have, at least weekly, almost ran someone over who decided that on that day, they would not be using the crosswalk. That means they are playing chicken with numerous cars going 30+ MPH. And, to be honest, I think the Darwinian side of me should take over and hit one sometime, by pure accident of course, just so others catch on.

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Getting drunk-inning

July 28th, 2003 No comments

I’ve now been to four Brewer games this year, which is more than I’ve gone to in as many years. I can’t say I’m Brewer fan at this point, but give them a winning season and an indication of a chance in the pennant race and I might jump on the bandwagon again.
SCJ took me to a Brewer game not too long ago with interns from other departments. Finance, RD&E and who knows who else were there. Some 30 year old guy who still believes he’s 19 setup this outing and provided a keg, brats, burgers, and more. The keg wasn’t empty after the tailgating was over, so he told everyone that he was tapping the keg again after the game. Sounds like a good idea just before everyone drives home, eh?

Ross and I went to a game a week or two before that one, with tickets provided to us for free. I can’t say the game was exciting, but I did win a $15 gift certificate. They have that cool little phone-race in-between the 2-3rd innings. They announce a number, and whoever dials it the quickest wins the cert. for food at the Friday’s restaurant When I made it through, the guy who answered asked which section I was in so we could be put on the scoreboard, but the fool didn’t know where section 104 was. Then when he did find it I was too darn short for him to see apparently. So nonetheless, I wasn’t shown on the scoreboard.

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They PLEDGED a lot of work, but I think they’re keeping it Ziplocked until later

July 27th, 2003 No comments

I’ve not been at SJC for about a month now. I’ve got my own little cube, a laptop and flexible work hours. That, however, is about it. While I like the job and its potential, I have been utterly disappointed with the lack of things for me to do. I have 4 projects lined up throughout the summer, but each one is working with someone else. That means I have to wait for them to get their own stuff done before they deal with me. That also means I end up surfing the web in the mean time. That may sound good, but it really isn’t when 5:00 comes around and you realize that you just spent 9 straight hours surfing the Internet. I do remember I just made $160 for those same 8 hours. Those are my impressions of this place right now, and are subject to change once my boss gets back and may actually explain the work he said he was going to email me about (and did not) last Friday.

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