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Madison’s on top

May 8th, 2004 No comments

Madison was ranked by Forbes as the top city to live in for “business and careers.” The rankings were based on the education of the people, cost of doing business, income and growth, and leisure, amongst other things.

I’d have to say this is a pretty ironic ranking to come out the week before I graduate and a month before I start at Epic Systems, which is mentioned in the article.

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Arrested? You’re probably miffed

May 1st, 2004 No comments

Last year’s Mifflin Street block party was interesting enough, but pretty controlled despite the riots of the previous Halloween. Due to milder weather and seemingly heavy police enforcement this year, the party was relatively wild and bypassed any major disturbance.

Music was heard on Mifflin starting at 8am, with a few early risers DJ’ing to the street, accompanied by a few beers. As the morning went on, a decent crowd had gathered, with the street starting to fill with people at about noon. MPD tried to keep partiers off the street itself and on the sidewalks, but the burgeoning amount of people caused that to be impossible to do.

By mid afternoon, partiers swarmed around the streets, carrying cases of beer cans or half-filled plastic cups of beer waiting for a refill. The only issue police took with the crowd was when glass containers were brought onto the streets or sidewalks. The city had a no-glass mandate in order to prevent a possible unruly crowd from using glass as a weapon.

Numerous times someone would wander into the street, right in front of the police, with a bottle in their hands only to be immediately cuffed and taken away. It seemed as if most were unaware of the mandate, or just didn’t realize that possessing glass was a “cuffable” offense.

I had my camera out most of the day, in search of some drunken fools engaging in peculiar behavior or just random shots of the mass of people. I got a few decent ones, which ended up running on a photo spread in the Cardinal.

Night time proved to be mostly quiet as partiers moved their revelry to the bars or back to the dorms they came from. MPD was ready to be out all night keeping the peace, but had packed up and gone home after crowds had mostly disippated by 11:30.

The city had also brushed off the ordinance restricting private residences from purchasing more than 4 kegs of beer for such an event. Apparently the ordinace was to create a fine line between a home party and something that should require a liquor license. News reports the day following the party indicated that most houses had largely disobeyed the 4 keg limit and one particular house had over 25 kegs proudly displayed on their front lawn. However, such a rule probably reduced the number of kegs pruchased at least in part, and possibly helped keep the crowd as tame as it was.

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