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Tsunamis “rearrange a few things”

January 21st, 2005 No comments

This seemed funny a few months ago, but is even funnier now: FEMA for Kids Tsunami Game. Apparently instead of killing hundreds of thousands of people, tsunamis just kinda rearrange the beach a little bit. I’m somewhat ashamed to admit that I didn’t realize boots from beach hobos without the other half of their pair belong in the trash. Thank god the seal in the palm tree got its ball back (did the wave wash it up there?). I guess it’s better than a “stack the lifeless bodies for cremation” game, but hardly realistic.

On another note, I’m quite sick of companies jumping on the Tsunami relief bandwagon. In Denver last week, the Armani Exchange had a sign in their window advertising their relief efforts. That’s not to mention every online banking or credit card site offering links to donate your money more easily, as well as radio stations and every chain store in the country offering tsunami relief options like some sort of new spring fashion.

Yeah yeah yeah, I understand it’s horribly devestating and they need money to rebuild after this. What I don’t like it the relief effort bein exploited as a cheap way to build brand image. It’s a tragedy, not a marketing scheme.

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