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Sayin a prayer for…

October 23rd, 2006 No comments

I had dinner tonight at the Blue Moon Bistro in Dayton. The online menu looked OK – not your average bistro fare. The wine list looked equally interesting. It had been hyped by a coworker, so I had high expectations. Perhaps too high for Dayton.

It was just two of us eating, and getting a table proved to be an adventure. The hostess started to say “We have smoking and non-smoking…” to which I answered “non is fine, thanks.” She snipped at me for cutting her off. What she had intended to say was that the non-smoking area was really loud and the smoking area was quieter and didn’t have anyone smoking. We took the latter.

They had a specials menu of sorts and the hostess also let us know that it was half price night for bottles of wine – can’t go wrong with that. We ordered a bottle of “Towering Tuscan” or something, which turned out to be a Mondavi wine. It was OK, but probably not worth it had we paid full price (or at all for that matter).

For an appetizer we got an artichoke beggar’s purse. It came out luke warm and unflavorful. It was accompanied by a tapenade and roasted garlic. I’m not sure they had anything in common with the artichoke, but they tasted OK separately.

On a whim I got a bowl of soup as well. It was a lobster squash bisque. It also came out luke warm. Are you sensing a trend? The flavor was mild, and the squash did not stand out in any way. The texture was thing and the pieces of lobster were small and shredded. While I didn’t expect large bites of lobster, a couple healthy spoonfuls of it would have been nice.

I orderd duck as my entree. It came out with some bok choy, shittake mushroom and gouda cheese. Bok choy is asian-ish, mushrooms are more American, and Gouda is continental. I’m not sure where the chef thought they crossed over enough to warrant being on one plate.

I think it was the cheese that got to me. The plate came out luke warm, again. The cheese was in that congealed state somewhere between solid cheese and melted cheese. It also looked like it came straight from the dairy case at whatever supermarket people frequent here. The sauce was good, as it had some kind of wine in it. The duck was cooked appropriately, coming to the table still pink in the middle (yet cold).

I crossed my fingers that dessert would be the saving grace. It actually was. If not for dessert, I would have been more disappointed. The waittress brought a tray of 6 desserts to the table and I picked an apple galette. It came to the table still warm, with large sugar crystals adhering to its outer edges. The apples inside were sliced thing and accompanied by caramel and figs.

I think I’d still have other people try this place if they asked about it, but I don’t think it deserves any sort of urgency to get there. It is in Dayton…

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Smoke detectors

October 22nd, 2006 No comments

Something you never thought you’d hear me say: Omaha, I admire you.

Will those who turn in smokers be called smoke detectors?

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Dayton comments

October 19th, 2006 No comments
  • Dayton has many homeless people
  • Dayoton is seemingly not safe
  • Dayton is dominated by NCR, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base and chain restaurants
  • The sun never comes out in Dayton
  • The Dayton Marriott is sub-par
  • Picking up a car from the DAY Avis facility feels like stealing it because there’s no exit gate at the lot
  • Dayton seemingly has only one major mall and it’s in Miamisburg
  • Seat 3D on a CRJ is not comfortable.
  • Dayton might qualify for being in “the South” based on location, speech and voting preferences
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Snipe hunting

October 19th, 2006 No comments

Thank you very much CNN for the amazing realization that snipers are killing soldiers in Iraq. And here I thought IED’s were the only threats.

This featured story is clearly just for the purpose of exploiting sniper video they obtained and to push their Pipeline service. Is there any substance to the story? Nah. Is there anything new or not overly obvious that the story reveals? Of course not.

Aren’t there better things to exploit today?

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Fish, fried

October 13th, 2006 No comments

I was paging through food magazines at Borders a few weeks ago and came across an issue of Saveur with fried fish on the cover. I opened to the corresponding article and saw that it was about the traditional Milwaukee fish fry.

Turns out, it was even more specific than that. They had photos, recipes and interviews from Wegner’s St. Martin’s Inn in Franklin. I had always thought that the fish there was exceptional, but it was interesting to see a national magazine reinforcing that.

The article included a recipe for their potato pancakes, which I made a few days later, as well as an old fashioned cocktail recipe. The pancakes were good and I didn’t ever try the old fashioned, but I’m sure it’s decent as the recipe doesn’t include some nasty mix.

In any case, I’ve always liked the fish there and the coleslaw is the best you can find anywhere. I’ve been going there for years, I recommend you try it too.

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Studio 60

October 13th, 2006 No comments

I’m not entirely sold on Studio 60 On the Sunset Strip yet. The whole idea of a drama about the goings-on of a sketch comedy show is intriguing, but seems like the story department could run dry quickly.

The cast is decent (hey, Bradley Whitford handed me my BBA) and the behind the scenes of television perspective draws you in, but the sketch comedy part doesn’t have me sold. It seems like group A at NBC decided that SNL was such an awesome show (and it was) that it deserved to have spinoffs. And then group B decided Aaron Sorkin was such an awesome writer that he deserved to have another show after West Wing. Then group A and B got together and decided that AB is better than A or B by themselves. (They also ended up with a group Z which were those cast off of SNL and not cool enough to get a slot in the SNL spinoff so they created a sibling spinoff: 30 Rock).

The distanced similarity of Studio 60 and SNL also has me bothered. They air on Friday night, the network is NBS and they’re in LA. How much more of a one-off could they possibly be? I thnk that by making such an effort to not be NBC/SNL they made it even more tempting to compare the two. Why not just call it SNL: Behind the Scenes and call it a day?

What’s going to be really sad is the day when Studio 60 becomes more humorous than SNL – and I don’t think that’s too far away.

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Most ridiculous car name ever

October 5th, 2006 No comments

Toyota’s Yaris.

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Atlanta comments

October 3rd, 2006 No comments

I’m in Atlanta right now, here are some things I’ve noticed:

  • Gas is only $2.08/gal
  • Fogo De Chao serves you a lot of meat and is not cheap. Lots of meat can make you feel a bit queasy the morning after eating it.
  • Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport is one crazy-busy airport
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